Tennessee Modernism: An introduction

Welcome to Tennessee Modernism, a blog chronicling the mid-century modern architecture of the Volunteer State.

Let’s get right to it.

Who is writing this blog? I am an architectural enthusiast named Andrew Oxenham, but most everyone calls me Ox
Are you interviewing yourself right now? Yes, yes I am
Ok, well what is this blog, exactly? This blog is my humble attempt at finding and drooling over documenting the mid-century modern architecture that I find in Tennessee
When you say “mid-century modern”, what time period are you talking about? Everyone’s got their own definition of this, but in Tennessee, modernism starts in the 1930s and goes until the early 1970s
Wait, wait first you said “mid-century” and now you’re saying “modernism”, what gives? Modernism is the genus, mid-century is the species. Modernism includes styles like Googie, Streamline Moderne, etc.
That makes sense. What else should we know? Well, I started this blog because–
This is getting wordy, can you just do an FAQ? Ok


  • What kind of camera do you shoot with? Usually just an iPhone
  • Why are your pictures so good? I’ve got a gift
  • Do you consider yourself the next Julius Shulman? Is that even a question?
  • Do you live in a mid century modern house? Not yet

One thought on “Tennessee Modernism: An introduction

  1. Good Evening Andrew ,

    My name is Wendy Fiser, We have become aware of your post about my husbands Old/our current house. I too am a save everything that can be saved sort of girl. I always dreamed of living in the same house all of your life. (Which was the situation we had). But, unfortunately it was not in the cards. I greatly appreciate your update to your post. We did try. This project began we my son was in Kindergarten and we just moved in this past summer. He is now a freshman In high school. I only write this because of my appreciation of architecture old and new.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

    Wendy Fiser


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