Tennessee Modernism: Neuhoff House

Structure: Henry Neuhoff House
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Architect: Unknown
Date: 1939
Tidbit: We haven’t yet featured a house where the architect is unknown, but I suppose there’s a first time for everything. Out in Nashville, Tennessee sits this striking house. More International Style than traditional mid-century, the house was designed for Henry Neuhoff. Neuhoff was the founder of a Nashville-area meatpacking company called (aptly) the Neuhoff Meatpacking Company.

Although Neuhoff had the house built, the house’s National Register of Historic Places submission shows that the house’s deeds list Henry Neuhoff’s daughter Dorothy and her husband John H. Dubuisson as its owners. That’s why it’s often referred to as the Dubuisson-Neuhoff House.

Henry’s son (John Neuhoff) and his wife re pictured on the left, Mr. & Mrs. John H. Dubuisson (the homeowners) are on the right

Speaking of John H. Dubuisson, architectural historian Robbie Jones has this hunch that the house may have been designed by John H. Dubuisson. Although Dubuisson was not an architect, he may have selected the house’s plan out of an architectural plan book and overseen its build. Regardless of the ownership, let’s have a look at this gorgeous house, shall we?

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